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The Restaurant Formats we serve for

A restaurant with two tables each with a focus light hanging from the top

Restaurant POS

A Fine Dine restaurant with two people seated in a table representing a Fine Dine POS
Fine Dine POS
A glass of wine representing a Bar POS
A Quick Service Restaurant with three counters and tables respectively representing a QSR POS
A coffee cup representing a Coffee POS
Coffee Shop POS
A 3 tier cake mounted with 3 candles on its top, representing a Bakery POS
Bakery POS
A moving food truck representing a Food Truck POS
Food Truck POS
A man working on the POS in a food court which has two tables in its front
Food Court POS
A pull cart selling sweets representing a Sweet Shop POS
Sweet Shop POS
A pizza with a cut slice representing a Pizza POS
Pizza POS
A cup full of ice cream with a cherry topping representing an Ice Cream POS
Ice Cream POS
A juice glass next to an apple representing a Juice Shop POS
Juice Shop POS

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With the highly advanced Digital world, would you say no if you were given a software to manage all your restaurant functions - right from taking orders and scheduling deliveries, to keeping a check on the stock?

With the years spent in extensive research and based on the advice from Industry experts, we came up with this wonder-tool that strives to give you an unwavering business experience.

The FoodEngine is an ERP that covers all the essential functions of a restaurant leaving none. It comprises of a vast list of modules that which form the fundamental tools for a successful restaurant business.

FoodEngine provides a comprehensive and uncompromising solution to all the restaurant types while assuring them of results in the form of increased revenue, reduced costs, and enhanced operations. It is best-suited, tailor-made and promises phenomenal benefits while helping you elevate the customers' dining experience.

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A coin falling into a piggy bank representing Low Investment
Low Investment
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Maximum ROI
A half-globe and a half-clock representing the usability of FoodEngine anywhere and anytime respectively
Use Anywhere, Anytime

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