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While organizing Birthday parties/ Betrothals/ Anniversaries, people usually get stuck with halls and food arrangement, as these are the determinants for a successful celebration. FoodEngine provides an uncompromising solution to those in need through this module. The halls can be booked well in advance with the choices of food. This module serves both Banquets and ODCs (Out Door Catering).


The system captures extensive details for booking which include

  • Customer details such as Name, Phone number, and Address;
  • Hall details such as Hall type, Session, Function type, Seating type, and Number of Guests;
  • Food details such as Menu, Diet type, and Number of packs;
  • Billing details such as Hall price, Discount offered, Advance payment collected, and Pending payment.

The menu is customized according to the needs of the guests and the system allows the caterers (administrators) to discriminate the pricing for different guests. Miscellaneous necessities like Projectors and Decorations are noted under a Special Instructions tab.

ODC (Out Door Catering)

Out Door Catering module is designed with a Food Calculator to calculate the required quantity of food from the collected event data. Food Calculator serves a big purpose in reducing food wastage, a common problem that the event planners face. Along with this, a Recipe Planning tool is built-in to get the ingredients ready as per the order. The menu contains a vast list of items to choose from and is specific to the events.

The system generates invoices at various stages — Advance receipts towards Advance payments, Functional Prospectus that contains complete details of the event, and Checkout receipts towards End payments.

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