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A call centre with a working group of executives

It is a known fact that the customers are the important aspects of any business. In a time of increasing competition among the restaurants, customer service is where they fall apart and customer satisfaction determines their success or failure. The call center is a place of interaction between the restaurant and its customers through a number of service executives, who represent the business and resolve customer problems.

A call center in a restaurant business is used to take orders, collect feedbacks and handle complaints. For restaurants with 3 and more outlets, the chances of losing the orders are high. The Restaurant call centers serve this purpose and take orders that are sent to the outlets nearer to the customer's location. The orders handled by multiple agents are processed in the outlets and the food is delivered in no time.

The orders can also be channelized through food aggregators like Swiggy, foodpanda, and Zomato and sent to the kitchen upon successful verification by the operators (agents). The Restaurant call center software has Customer Order History (past preferences) stored in the system for ease of booking. Since the module is integrated with all the outlets/branches, unavailable items in any outlet are displayed at the call center which avoids irregularities while taking orders.

The module allows the agents to track the delivery process. The agents can collect feedback from the customers and follow up on them. Complaints received at the call center can be addressed immediately with the help of the system. Since speed is a differentiator in today's world, quick resolutions for reported problems help serve the customers better and with assured retention.

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