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Central Kitchen/Store

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A drawing representing a central kitchen connected to several outlets

Are you running a Restaurant with multiple outlets and having trouble managing them? Planning to minimize the operational costs of your multi-outlet business? FoodEngine understands the importance of the kitchen and the store in a Restaurant business and provides an unconditional solution in the form of the Central Kitchen/Store module.

Central Kitchen

The Central Kitchen module is the online variant of the physical Centralized Kitchen serving the food requirements of a multi-outlet Restaurant. A Central Kitchen serves several purposes — uses fewer resources, requires less space, lowers investments in outlet kitchen equipment, minimizes electricity, manpower and other bills, and gets rid of taste differences; thereby proving to be cost-effective, efficient and providing timely results.

A Central Kitchen dispatches both finished goods and semi-finished goods to the branches. The supply of goods to the outlets can either be voluntary or upon request. The requests are entertained only after the Review, Edit (if necessary) and Approval by the Central Kitchen Manager. The stocks received at the branches are either verified and stocked-in or automatically stocked-in by the system operators. In certain cases of unavailability of any requested items in the Central Kitchen, this module enables the transfer of items from the outlet carrying more stock to the one in need.

The Orders are categorized into Dine-in, Take Away and Delivery at the POS itself and are displayed in the POS dashboard for the use of the Administrator. This assists in calculating the Dish preparation time, the Kitchen time, and the Customer spent time. This calculation aids in knowing the Average Person Efficiency Cost (APEC) — the ratio between the amount spent and the time spent by an individual in a Restaurant, which serves as a significant determinant for the Restaurant's productivity.

The sales at all the outlets can be tracked from the Central Kitchen System which helps to keep a check on wastage and plan the production accordingly. Reports on supply details are generated at timely intervals which enable the monitoring of the kitchen functionality.

Central Store

The Central Store module is a Centralized Inventory Management System that helps to monitor the stocks at various outlets while maintaining an inventory on its own, to cater to the outlets in need of supply. The Central Store performs functions much in similar to the Central Kitchen. The goods (Raw materials/Ingredients) are transferred either voluntarily or upon the receipt of requests. The requests received, however, are reviewed, edited in cases of necessity, and approved by the Store Manager.

The Central Store also serves as a medium of transfer of goods between several branches. The Central Store is equipped to take goods in return from the outlets in cases of their expiry and to provide replacements. This module helps to manage the vendors and track their pricing dynamics.

Indents are generated automatically whenever the ingredients run out of quantities or are less in number based on predefined threshold. This results in immediate procurement of the necessary ingredients and ensures their all-time availability.

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