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Delivery Integration

Take Food To Customer's Doorstep

Delivery bikes from Zomato, Swiggy and other food delivery aggregators heading towards the logo of FoodEngine

The food industry is no longer a solitary venture. With the rise of several online players (aggregators) in taking/delivering ordered food to the doorsteps of the customers, the restaurants can sit back and relax while FoodEngine integrates the delivery process with sundry aggregators. Several Food Delivery marketplaces such as Swiggy, foodpanda, Zomato, and much more can be incorporated into this module.

This module is of utmost use to the restaurants which receive a number of orders online. The interface is built such that orders made online arrive directly at the billing section, where they are either sent automatically to the kitchen or upon verification by the administrator. The verification aids in avoiding pseudo-orders.

The data is integrated throughout the system — be it billing, KOT or delivery — such that recreation of data is unnecessary and is kept away. Any changes to the menus or the ingredients made elsewhere in the system reflect in the delivery module. This module also enables the administrator to run reports: both Day-end and Personalized.

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