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Delivery Management

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A food delivery executive reaching the customer place and taking money in return for the parcel

Home deliveries have, by and large, become a mandate for delivery restaurants, to build a loyal customer base and to sustain the global digital push. This module has a sophisticated framework to interact with the system throughout the food delivery process — billing, KOT, parcel assignment and successful delivery.

The Delivery Managment module enables to identify the number of online food delivery parcels and assign delivery associates (drivers) for each parcel. The interface stores data of each delivery associate like Employee ID, Name, Opening Balance, and Pending Balance. This facilitates tracking the balance remaining with each of them and in calculating the closing balance during settlement.

The entire process of delivery is under the monitor and this holds employees accountable for their actions. This module also has a record of all the drivers and several reports, thus helping in identifying Driver Efficiency.

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