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A mobile and a tablet installed with FoodEngine displaying food menu

At a time when technological intervention into the ways the businesses function is at the maximum, realizing the fact and moving with the wind is indeed a smart choice. Digital Menu is one such paperless technological replacement to the erstwhile complex process of writing down the orders manually, rushing towards the kitchen and running back to deliver the item. Digital Menu module is grouped into Captain KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) and Customer KOT.

Captain KOT

Captain KOT is a 3 keystroke formula to make taking orders simple as ever. The Captain picks the table, chooses the food menu, and selects the quantity with either a tablet or a mobile phone — there goes the order to the kitchen immediately at the click of a button. Order taking has been made simpler as well as comprehensive: enabling the captains to ' Save and Send later '; manage the tables across the restaurant; either get assigned or choose tables of their choice; use short keys or number codes for the items.

The orders sent to the kitchen are either printed or displayed in the Kitchen Display System (more elaborate information available under a separate module). The Captain KOT facilitates the captains to handle a minimum of 4 to 6 tables at a time, even during peak hours. The system doesn't allow selection of an item that is either sold out or is blocked by the chefs.

The system displays 'Today's special' and 'Chef's recommendations' which helps in promoting the signature dishes of the restaurant. The captains can collect customer feedback and settle bills within the Captain KOT sub-module. Reports collected exhibit the efficiency of the captain, for a later survey by the management.

Customer KOT

Customer KOT is for restaurants that are void of Captains/Waiters as it enables the customers to place self-orders with the help of a tablet/mobile phone stationed on each of the tables or handed to them. It also gives them access to the digital restaurant menu and allows them to view food images, ingredients, and preparation methods. Alike the Captain KOT, this sub-module also displays all the available items along with Signature dishes, Today's specials, and Chef's recommendations.

This module goes well with restaurants that want to attract their customers in a big way and retain them. Stories on key ingredients, attractive photos of the dishes based on the restaurant menu, making videos, etc. are some of the key additions present in this module, that make customers party to a brand promotional campaign. This module provides an insight into the restaurant's sales on the best-selling items and how to improve the promotions for others. Ever believed 'Great photos generate Good revenues'? Well, it seems true.

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