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Telecommunication is at a new height these days thanks to the phenomenal growth of technology. Electronic mails (E-mails) and Short Message Service (SMS) are the two very quick, cheap and essential means of communication available today.

E-mails can be used in a variety of ways — Promotional Mails to publicize the product or the organization; Bulk Mails for branding and campaign promotions; Day End (End of the Day) Mails to give insights into the Sales, Revenue and Settlements of the day along with detailed reports; and Miscellaneous emails containing detailed reports on the Inventory and Production.

SMS can be in two ways — Customer Communication messages and Business Communication messages. A range of SMS including Promotional messages, Order Confirmation messages, Offer messages, Thank you messages, Reminder messages for events such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, and so on can be sent to customers. Business SMS includes messages on Sales Details, Authorization messages for Order Cancellation/ Complimentary/ Discounts, and messages on Day End reports. The SMS can also be customized to include the business names.

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