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Hotel Management Solution


HotelDesk is a single window solution for all your hotel management needs which can cater to a diversified set of clients from a small hotel with fewer amenities to an upscale full-service one. It is an end-to-end system software whose modules such as Front Office, Cashiering, Housekeeping, Guest History, Inventory Management, Guest Relationship, MIS reporting, and Channel Management among others, are tightly integrated with one another, developed with careful considerations from the perspective of a consumer. Right from pre-check-in of a guest to post their check-out, it has got the business operations covered in entirety. The software that is both configurable and customizable, promises to cut operational costs to a bare minimum apart from ensuring efficiency, reliability, and accountability.

FoodEngine and HotelDesk go hand in hand.

Product Features

A guest enquiring the receptionist at the front office
Front Office

One-stop solution for all the operations in a hotel; A Customer-welcoming module to manage check-in, check-out and reservation quickly and with ease.

A cashier working on a billing system

Supports multiple payment modes; Handle accounts of all transactions accurately; Assured accountability and error-free performance.

A price tag attached to a dynamic meter representing HotelDesk’s Dynamic Pricing module
Dynamic Pricing

Highly flexible pricing system; Adjust prices as per demands and customers; Provisions to choose categories and targets.

A card displaying the details of a guest
Guest History

A record maintained for each guest with separate entry for each visit; Helpful in faster check-ins, applying discounts, and studying guest choices.

A housekeeping woman vacuuming the hotel floor
House Keeping

A reliable and accountable tool involved in the upkeep of the hotel to ensure hygiene and comfort throughout; Assured guest satisfaction and retention.

A trolley with hotel inventory
Inventory Management

Room and Floor-wise management; Greater stock visibility, Multiple vendor management, Efficient stock maintenance; Reduce losses and handle costs.

A front-loading washing machine doing the laundry
Linen/Laundry Management

Manage soiled linen effectively; Transport, sort, wash, and deliver at the room door on time; Establish the cleaning standards; Leave a lasting impression on the guests.

A mobile phone displaying a received text message notification
Guest Relationship

Effective and convenient guest communications through emails and SMSs to build secured relationships; Business enhancement through reminders and promotional emails.

A spanner running repairing two gears
Maintenance Request

Dedicated module to efficiently handle service requests/utility; Set priority, Edit, and track requests; Ensure smooth running of the hotel.

A mouse scrolling through an online booking engine
Online Booking Engine

Receive bookings directly from the guests seamlessly; Multiple room booking, Customized prices, and Constantly updated system.

A computer monitor displaying an online travel agency
OTA/Channel Management

Automatic and continuous updating of hotel information; Easily accessible data, Reduced human errors, and Proven efficiency.

A POS machine next to a Front Office monitor both placed on a desk
Resto/Bar POS Integration

Post the bills from the restaurant to the Front Office; Improved operational efficiency; Better understanding of guests' preferences.

Four puzzle pieces joint with one another representing Third party Integration
Third-party Integrations

Collaborate with best-in-class aggregators to improve business accessibility; Integrate with the Keycard, Guest Wifi, and Tally service providers and enhance the services provided.

A computer monitor displaying the reports of the hotel operations
MIS Reports

Get extensive reports on the performance of vital hotel functions such as Front Office, Housekeeping, Inventory; Analyse the results to track the health of the business.

A mobile app displaying the sales data that are represented graphically
Sales Insight App

Monitor the sales all through, on-the-go; Graphically represented data for easy understanding; Compare and survey the revenue; Stay updated about the live sales information.

A hand extending to hold other services represented by rolling gears of different sizes
Other Services

Handle the operations of other services offered such as Gym, Spa, and Swimming pool among others; Account the revenue generated; Supplement the business growth.

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