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Kitchen Display System

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A hand working on the Kitchen Display System mounted on a wall of a restaurant kitchen

The Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) received in the kitchen are either printed or displayed on a Central Display system or sent to the concerned departments from the POS directly. The KDS (read Kitchen Display System) is integrated with the POS which makes tracking the order easier — the administrators at the POS can monitor the progress of the order throughout, which helps to determine the efficiency of the production unit (kitchen).

The Display System consists of Order Type, Item Name, Quantity, Time of the order, Priority, and Whereabouts (whether in Kitchen, Picked-up or Delivered). The kitchen display can be refined by segregating the orders based on the Departments, the types of the Order, and the tables they are booked from.

The KDS module enables tracking the order at each step to ascertain its efficacy, to verify there are no delays and to know the time taken at each point. The Sous Chefs (Kitchen Supervisors) control the display system — they follow the orders marked as 'Priority', alert the Chefs on the time remaining, ensure timely delivery, and remove the orders from the system after delivery (Priorities are set by the Captains while taking the orders).

The Orders are categorized into Dine-in, Take Away and Delivery at the POS itself and are displayed in the POS dashboard for the use of the Administrator. This assists in calculating the Dish preparation time, the Kitchen time, and the Customer spent time. This calculation aids in knowing the Average Person Efficiency Cost (APEC) — the ratio between the amount spent and the time spent by an individual in a Restaurant, which serves as a significant determinant for the Restaurant's productivity.

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