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A delivery man being located on GPS by a customer with the help of food tracker powered delivery app

Who would you rely on when you feel stranded? Who would you rely on to reach an unknown locality? Google Maps, isn't it?

FoodEngine has associated itself with Google Maps to provide a seamless delivery experience to both the delivery associates and the customers. With this module, the delivery men can drive to the customer place making use of the GPS. Inversely, the food tracker also gives customers the ability to track the whereabouts of their delivery.

Customer feedback is an effective means to measure the reliability of any business process. Accordingly, this delivery app constitutes a secured feedback collection system to evaluate the service provided during the home delivery; secured in a way that the feedback thus collected cannot be tampered with.

Additionally, driver location is live-tracked from the restaurant to prevent mishaps and service delays. Since a transparent, efficient and frictionless service is very significant for a successful delivery, Last Mile Delivery is a sought-after option in the current delivery ecosystem.

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