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Depiction of Customer Loyalty programs of a restaurant on whose left stands a rewarded customer

The customers are the backbones of any business. If a restaurant fails to build a good customer base, it becomes hard for it to even stay open. In order to retain customers, a restaurant needs to build good relationships with them. Gone are the days when 'word of mouth' was the only way of bringing new customers to your outlet. The digital world has a plethora of mediums for the customers to spread words about the restaurant and so treating customers with the intention of retaining them has become a mandate.

The Customer Loyalty module strives to ensure repeated customer visits to the restaurant through several loyalty programs. All the reward programs are envisaged and built with the data of previous customer interactions.

Rewards for Birthdays and Anniversaries in the form of Discount points and their secured Redemption, Greeting messages on Special Occasions, Complimentary items, and Membership card with loyalty points are some of the many programs that FoodEngine offers.

Along with all these, providing timely services and niceties while customers are on board the restaurant, makes their next visit certain.

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