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Production Management

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Food production in a restaurant kitchen with a number of busy cooks

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant business without which the very existence of a restaurant would be a question. If not for the timely outputs from the kitchen, the success of the restaurants would never be a reality. Production planning is very essential in maintaining kitchen efficiency and the production module serves this purpose.

FoodEngine, being an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution software, has got all its modules integrated with one another. Thus, the Production module which is integrated with the POS, the Inventory and the Recipe management modules contains an entire list of all the items, their recipes, and the available stocks.

The Production Management Software helps in the planning of necessary day-to-day stocks. The menu and the items are mapped together, so when a production request for a dish is entered into the system, the system automatically provides a list of all the items required to prepare the dish along with the necessary quantities. This feature helps in avoiding item wastage and in simplifying the production process, apart from being a time-saver.

The Production Management System consists of sub-modules such as Raw Production-In, Raw Production-Out, Production-In, and Production-Out. Goods in the production chamber may be classified into Raw, Semi-finished and Finished. The Raw Production-In and the Raw Production-Out sub-modules handle the production of raw goods and their ingredients. The Production-In and the Production-Out sub-modules handle the production of the semi-finished (for e.g. marinated items) and the finished food items. The Production-Out and the Raw Production-Out sub-modules contain the information of the goods sent to the branches upon the received requests.

Additionally, the module locks the unavailable goods to prevent them from being ordered. It helps to identify avoidable wastages at frequent intervals through predictive analysis reports. Through the inventory integration, the module ensures that the kitchen never runs out of supplies. In case of excess availability of ingredients at the end of the day, the items can be carried forward to the next day and the respective stocks are altered accordingly.

Reports on the food production process can be generated at regular intervals and can be availed category-wise, date-wise and session-wise. However, invoices are generated as and when a production entry is made into the system.

By reducing wastage, providing timely deliveries and availing an integrated interface, the production module is second to none in making kitchens efficient and productive.

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