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A graphical representation of the restaurant sales report

Reports are essential to check the progress of the businesses. The Reports & Analytics module has a diversified list of reports categorized under major domains of the restaurant such as Sales, Inventory, Production, and CRM (read Customer Relationship Management).

The Reports & Analytics module, a Restaurant Reporting Software, has six sub-modules which include Billing reports, Store reports, Table reports, Login History reports, KDS (read Kitchen Display System) Efficiency reports and Production Management reports.

Billing Reports

This sub-module has an exhaustive list of reports on all the billing activities. The reports include Customer order reports, Cancelled KOT reports, Item-wise reports, Unavailable item reports, Table reports, Occupied table reports, Time tracker reports, Discount bill reports, Cancelled bill reports, Feedback rating reports, Captain rewards reports, Kitchen reports, Group sales reports, Sales reports, Expenses reports, Revenue reports, and Statistical reports.

Store Reports

This sub-module has a comprehensive list of reports under it which include Stock reports, Stock-in reports, Stock-out reports, Stock-in return reports, Stock-out return reports, Stock variance reports, Intermediate stock reports, Stock Audit reports, Menu cost analysis reports, Profit & Loss reports, Department-wise Profit & Loss reports, Cumulative food cost reports, Production session reports, and Kitchen approval reports.

Table Reports

This sub-module contains an interface that displays the list of tables that are booked and those that aren't. Booked tables are highlighted in red colour and available ones are marked in green colour.

Login History Reports

This sub-module contains the history of all login attempts made into the system. The data provided includes Name, Email ID, Admin type, Login date and time and the IP address. Date-wise reports on the login can be obtained. The system also allows segregating the available information based on the type of the admin viz. Branch admin, Default admin, Kitchen pickup admin, Kitchen admin, Stores admin, Billing admin, Call center admin, Captain, and Super admin.

KDS Efficiency Reports

This sub-module contains reports on the efficiency of the Kitchen display system. Reports on Supposed time to prepare each dish, the Actual time taken, Time taken for delivery, Delayed delivery details, among others, are tabled in this module.

Production Management Reports

This sub-module contains all the reports relating to the production process in the restaurant. The Production-In reports, the Production-Out reports, and the Production reports are the various reports made available by this module.

The Production-In and Production-Out reports consist of data such as Production number, Preparation date, Price, Remarks, Quantity, and Details. These reports can be generated bill-wise, item-wise and date-wise as well.

Production reports, on the other hand, contain very detailed information on the produced goods. The displayed information includes Item name, Category, Unit of measurement, Opening quantity, Production-In., Production-Out, Consumption, Wastage, Closing stock, Actual stock, Minimum quantity, and Production date. These reports can be generated category-wise, session-wise and date-wise.

The Restaurant sales reports are available round the clock in the system and can be accessed from anywhere. The items and the reports can be grouped together to track the sales. FoodEngine also enables the export of these reports and data to Microsoft Excel for easy access.

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