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When the whole world is going gaga over the Social media, the playing field it has created for businesses online is boundless. The importance of social media for a business needn't be told. Social media presence does a phenomenal job of increasing the brand recognition and building brand loyalty. It helps to build real relationships with customers by being a platform for the businesses to follow their customers in real time and learn their likes and dislikes.

Through a strong online presence, the businesses can be in touch with their customers throughout — by conversing with the customers, by responding to their problems immediately, by replying to their messages on time, and by reaching more prospective customers. The social media is a good marketing medium for the newly launched products as well, as it helps in taking the product to customers across the world.

FoodEngine's Social Media Integration module consists of all that is required for a strong web presence. The Social Media services include creating web pages on Facebook and other media such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest; creating posts relevant to the business; designing creative images and infographics; boosting posts and views to create impressions; running campaigns and promotions; and reporting on page reach and its analysis.

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