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Worried about the dearth of tables for a birthday party or an anniversary? Are you in charge of a get-to-gather or a project meeting and is concerned about the tables? Stop worrying. Table Reservation module is at your service.

This module that aids in restaurant reservations has different options — Online Reservation, Tele Reservation, and Walk-in Reservation

Online Reservation

This sub-module allows the customers to book a table either through the website (Online) or through a telephone call. Websites carry an interface displaying the availability and the booking options. Additionally, a plug-in is provided along with the website that enables blocking the seats for a later time in return for the customer details. 'Pay later' option is another add-on.

Tele Reservation

Telephone calls are routed to the reception or to the call centers in cases of busy hours. The receptionists collect customer details through the phone call and book the required number of tables for the required time.

Walk-in Reservation

This sub-module is for those customers who walk into the restaurant and book a number of tables. The system collects customer details such as Name and Phone number and notifies them through an SMS when the booked tables are ready to occupy. It has an extensive Customer Waiting Time Management system which can be reviewed to study the footfall throughout the time of operation.

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