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Feedbacks, whether positive or negative, make restaurants better. Without hearing it from the customers about the worth of the service you offered, there seems no point in serving them at all. Positive feedbacks motivate the businesses to continue doing what they're doing. Negative reviews, on the contrary, throws light on the weaknesses and allows the restaurants to fix the problem areas.

Feedbacks, though a little scary, help save the brand value for the businesses. The Customer Feedback App helps businesses to define questions that are necessary to check the efficiency of the offered services, quality of the food served, hygiene of the restaurant, hospitality or reception, housekeeping, and cleanliness. The questions can be configured based on the individual needs.

Negative reviews are sent directly to the Owners for a quick resolution. Immediate notifications are sent to them in this regard, enabling them to take necessary actions. The resolutions and the closers made can be followed-up anytime through the Customer Feedback System. Reports of the restaurant feedback received can be accessed anytime to verify the accuracy and genuineness of the reviews and the efficacy of the resolutions made.

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