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Are you running a multi-outlet restaurant business and looking to expand further? Are you unable to handle food orders thronging into your telephones? Are you concerned about not interacting with customers in real time? All you need is an online presence to resolve such difficulties.

This module comprises of a website and a mobile app specific to the businesses.

The website is a static one and contains information and stories of the restaurant along with imagery for a better visual perception of the customer to make informed choices while choosing the menu to order online. It is custom built to meet the needs of each business and serves many purposes — creates brand awareness, lets customers order food online, builds a platform for promotional campaigns, attracts franchises and many more.

Mobile apps are custom made and available for both Android and iOS enabled devices. As the smartphone usage across the globe is invariably on the rise and seems perennial, it is not wrong to call it a mandate for a business to have an app on its own. Mobile apps are an easy-to-use and very efficient mode of online business. Food Ordering apps can perform functions much alike to the websites.

The interface has an exhaustive list of all the available items for the customer to choose from. Ordering has been made simple with just 3 keystrokes (Select from the menu, choose the quantity, and checkout for payment) and takes less than a minute. In case of a restaurant chain, when an order is placed, the system maps the nearest kitchen (of the outlet/branch) in a short while and KOT is sent to the kitchen departments. This makes on-time delivery certain.

This module can, however, be integrated with food aggregators such as Swiggy, foodpanda, Zomato for those restaurants with smaller units/ single outlet, as owning an app and maintaining it means increased costs. But if one thinks of more revenue (or sales or delivery) but with less operational costs, then this module has to be the absolute choice.

In short, an ideal online presence bridges the gap between the businesses and their customers and promises increased delivery and sales.

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