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Having trouble in mapping the ingredients for a winning recipe? FoodEngine's Recipe Management module is at your service. It provides an all-around solution to manage the recipes well for your restaurant business, as the recipes determine the quality of the dish.

Recipes for all the dishes are neither possible nor necessary; however, special dishes-signature dishes in specific-demand winning recipes. A recipe is a documented set of instructions for preparing a dish which includes the list of required ingredients as well. Recipes for dishes made with expensive ingredients help in balancing the operational costs since wastage of such items leads to increased costs that are avoidable.

The Recipe Management System tracks the valuable ingredients such as Cashew nuts, Paneer, Proteins, Meat, Ghee, and Cheese. The operators (administrators) can know how much of these items are consumed from the kitchen stock, check the balance in the kitchen, and know what quantity is returned to the store. This feature thus remains an essential tool to check the effectiveness of the recipe and its ingredients.

Although the ingredients are mapped, variance (the difference between the stocks-in-hand and actual stocks) is inevitable on the kitchen floor. Variance is a common problem for all the businesses and FoodEngine has got this issue addressed under the Production Module.

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